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Me, playing my 12 chord guitars for a “pizzica pizzica” song with Sonaturi a Jurnata band, in Florence (Teatro del sale) on January, 11th

Sonaturi a Jurnata skit promo video

“Frame drums are one of the most ancient types of musical instruments. They have a simple structure with strong spiritual and entertaining effects. They are usually round, made of wood with animal skin and sometimes metal rings or plates incorporated into the drum to provide jingle.”

Source: Wikipedia ( )

My frame-drum


Amazing frame-drum players: Riccardo & Federico Laganà (Kalascima):


Sunset @ home

My best shot:


mail now and 10 years ago

… after 1w vacation…

“Provare ad entrare nella testa e nel mondo degli adolescenti di oggi è sempre un viaggio affascinante, ma più che mai complesso” …