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An interesting blogpost from Mark Suster VC at GRP Partners, on Startups challenges.

Google is instant… unless it guesses wrong 🙂

instant search

instant page



Simply amazing…

I can stay in front of it for hours looking at color changes and hearing old sounds…,0,3624020.story

Some shots from San Francisco (June 2011).

The Interceptor (San Francisco Police “Ape car” ) 🙂

Moviri office

Some other shots from US trip


Nice trip to the US for the Velocity Conference ( ).

Based @ Fairmont Hotel in San Jose and visited all must-to-see siliconvalley company headquarters (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Oracle, Cisco, Intel, … )

Visted the Computer History Museum @ Mountain View ( )

Spending some time in our San Francisco office with an amazing view of  The Bay

Day-by-day journal on moviri blog:

Funny: I’m in the “official” photogallery: (the 66cl Corona beer bottle rules ) 🙂

Be social…be good… let’s do that.

I think it’s time to renew my very old website … trying wordpress and we’ll see what happens